Someone who is remarkably in love with the idea of Social Darwinist survival of the Fittest, given that their idol LOST the 1939-45 war. Someone who given half a chance would wipe out all the blacks, Jews, gays, Slavs, left-wingers and other obvious non-Nazis in the world but isn't brave enough to declare their allegiance openly, instead using coy group names like Combat-18 (the number being code for Hitler's initials), or some such. A coward.
Let's be neo-Nazis. Hey, wouldn't it be great if we started another war, and, like, lost it again?
by Fearman July 28, 2007
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Someone who thinks Hitler was so great, even though he got his ass kicked...real bad.
Hitler and his Neo-Nazis promised a 1000 year reich that lasted only 12 years. So much for that.
by Triz11 July 2, 2006
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Not an orginization that wants to kill Jews, some people are just stupidly narrow-minded. The National Socialist view was not to kill all jews but to make a prime race. The perfect race. Neo Nazi's are more against races that are not white/caucasion. The Nazi's did nothing different then what Caeser did.
by Iceman March 10, 2005
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neo-Nazi: A person who builds or attempts to build organizations or distributes propaganda that builds it's reasoning on the ideals of the National Socialist German Workers Party at the exclusion of all or almost all of the ideals in antagonism to the ideals of the Party from its beginning and until its end.
Did Europe have an Axis insurgency at the end of World War Two? "Germany did not need an insurgency after World War Two; because Germany was given sovereignty and the Germans already knew how to work out their internal problems by that point in time, but some neo-Nazis still exist due to ideological reasons.
by Justin2100 September 28, 2007
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Someone too ignorant to realize that their preferred form of government not only fails morally and politcally, but also lost militarily in a war they started.
So where did he graduate from high school?
Oh he didn't graduate, he's a neo-nazi.
by RufusTFire April 27, 2011
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A giant fucking prick who believes racism is good for no real reason other 'they're not fucking white and different from me, I can't stand that cause I'm an asshole.'
person a) we should accept people of different cultures in our country
person b) no we shouldn't 'claim with no evidence that they believe cause they can't do research'
person a) jeez ya neo-nazi
by Aussiewirraway September 3, 2018
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Pretty much anyone. Originally meant someone that espoused Nazi ideology such as believing in eugenics or the supremacy of one race over another. Now, in Amerika, usually the person that calls another a neo-Nazi is more resembling of Nazis than the target of the insult.
Peaceful BLM/Antifa Rioter: "YOU ARE ON STOLEN LAND, YOU NEO-NAZI... WHITE SUPREMACIST... RACIST!!!" *throws fireworks into outdoor dining area* "YOU ARE SO HATEFUL AND VIOLENT"
Person trying to eat dinner at a restaurant: "Dude, you just randomly came up and attacked me. WTF is wrong with your head? ... And how am I a white supremacist if I am Black?"
by Lumiere43q6 November 17, 2020
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