(verb) to comment on an internet thread long after the conversation has concluded, often using information
that did not exist at the time of the original thread.
user1, June 14, 2008: The Dark Knight is the best movie of all time.

user44, Sept 8, 2010: I disagree, Inception blows it away.

user1, Sept 8, 2010: Check the date before you necro threads, moron.
by partypoop September 8, 2010
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1. A prefix (from the Greek "nekros") to refer to things related to death e.g. necrophobic - abnormal fear of death or corpses.

2. A slang term, used primarily in black metal circles, to refer to a tone of sound that is distorted, poorly recorded and/or highly abrasive.

3. A related aesthetic, to refer to things that generally dark and related with death.
1. "Necrophilia is digusting."

2. Mayhem drummer Hellhammer described their most recent album Ordo Ad Chao as such: "the production sounds necro as fuck".

3. "1349's debut album... vomits forth a suitably nasty set of songs drenched in "necro" aesthetics."
by Cacodyl March 15, 2008
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Perhaps the most talented white rapper of his time.
He was born to Jewish immigrants (thats right, hes actually Jewish), and lives in Brooklyn New York. Definitely has some of the most violent and preverse lyrics ever, and uses the word cunt frequently. CEO of Psycho+Logical records, "Where its logical to be a psycho". He is the younger brother of fellow MC Ill Bill, and the nephew of the legendary Uncle Howie.
Recommended Necro tracks include:
I need drugs
vaginal secretions
all hotties eat the jizz
by Coo Coo Canuck June 10, 2006
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Short for necrophiliac
one hu likes ot have sex with dead corpses
man dont fuk that dead cow every 1 will think your a necro
by jizm01 September 11, 2005
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A rapper, guitarist, producer, plays keyboard, mixes, and plays bass. And does each one with eaze and perfection.
Necro's best song is One For The Butcher. Necro's guitar riff in prefix for death is so sickk.
by asebak June 11, 2008
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The alias of a White underground rapper who raps about crazy shit...

Necro songs - "All the Hotties Eat the Jizz"
"I need Drugs"
by J.O December 23, 2005
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ur stupid. necro isn't slang. it's a latin prefix meaning or relating to dead
necro means dead and opolis means city so necropolis means city of the dead.
by uglypplsuk April 11, 2007
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