A.a thin, surgical knife used to cut open skin for surgery, insertion of implants, etc.

B.the best invention EVER.It just gets humans THAT much closer to perfection.
A.I had to go under the scalpel for my implants last Tuesday.

B.I love the scalpel;I used to be an ugly fuck and now I'm gorgeous!!
by Cutxmexopen May 23, 2007
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1)n. a knife used for surgery or dissections

2)v. to use this knife on someone, often in a violent way that is not professional or legal.
I will scalpel your head with my scalpel and when you are done, you will be scapeled.
by TheKaylaPup October 16, 2010
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In the weed smoking world, a Scalpel is a sharp pointy object used to poke through a geeb(gravity bong). Usually these items are needles, safety pins, and/or toothpicks.
Stoner 1:Dood check im doing geeg surgery. NURSE, PASS ME A SCALPEL!!!!

Stoner 2:(obviously high) ...what
by Maximus Dongus August 15, 2017
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Award given in medical school every year to the biggest alcoholic in the class.
Dave Ryan will definitely win the Golden Scalpel for flushing his phone down the toilet.
by cork man April 30, 2005
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A scalpel slut is a woman that is constantly getting surgery done in order to improve herself.
by xxRepoManxx October 03, 2008
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1. People obsessed with plastic surgery.

2. What the fanbase of 'Repo! The Genetic Opera' call themselves
Person 1: I think I need another facelift

Person 2: You're such a scalpel slut


Scalpel Sluts are to Repo! what Juggalos are to ICP
by fellowscalpelslut June 27, 2009
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