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1. A prefix (from the Greek "nekros") to refer to things related to death e.g. necrophobic - abnormal fear of death or corpses.

2. A slang term, used primarily in black metal circles, to refer to a tone of sound that is distorted, poorly recorded and/or highly abrasive.

3. A related aesthetic, to refer to things that generally dark and related with death.
1. "Necrophilia is digusting."

2. Mayhem drummer Hellhammer described their most recent album Ordo Ad Chao as such: "the production sounds necro as fuck".

3. "1349's debut album... vomits forth a suitably nasty set of songs drenched in "necro" aesthetics."
by Cacodyl March 15, 2008
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Although specific meanings vary from country to country, I will attempt to produce an exhaustive list here.

1) A generic term for achieving an advantage in a sports game (verb, occasionally noun).
2) An amount due; a debt (noun).
3) A grievance that is harbored and requires satisfaction (noun).
4) A group of 20 items (noun).
4a) The amount of 20 pounds (noun)
5) The act of securing an advantage, especially a surprising or significant gain (noun).
6) The act or an instance of buying illicit drugs (noun-verb).
7) A successful robbery (noun).
8) A sexual conquest (noun-verb).
8a) Kissing someone, esp French kissing them (noun-verb, largely Irish-centric slang).
9) An exclamation of pleasure when learning of good news.
1) "I scored three goals against the High School the other day."
"He got a score in on that ponce of a keeper."

2) "I've been meaning to settle that score with you for that plastering job."

3) "Me and Jim have a score to settle about that dog I ran over, bloody thing jumped in the middle of the road."

4) "Fourscore and seven years ago..."

4a) "He owes me a score from when he went down the chip shop."

5) "We're really got a score over them on this real estate deal."

6) "I've got the shakes awful bad, we've got to score like right now."
"Here's a score, now give us a tenner."

7) "That bank job the other day was a right score."

8) "I scored her last night and all, and she were screaming her head off."
"She was an old score, never mind her."

8a) "Ah yeah I scored that bird over there in the blue dress!"

9) "Ma's getting pizza! Score!"
by Cacodyl February 12, 2008
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A euphemism for an erect penis. Used almost exclusively to refer to having achieved an erection in a socially awkward circumstance (see example).

Etmyology: the usage of this term was coined by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone.
Priest: "We are gathered here today to mourn the passing of our dear beloved-,"

John: "Psst! Joe! I've got a total raging clue! Create a distraction!"

Joe: "Fire! Fire!"

John (nine minutes later in a men's cubicle): "Aaaaah..."
by Cacodyl August 15, 2008
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An expression with strong sexual connotations, it is used generally when referring to someone of the opposite sex who, while not attractive enough for the subject to actively pursue as a sexual partner, is sufficiently attractive that if said person were to pursue the subject for the same reason, the subject "wouldn't say no".
"Your one over there, she hasn't the best face on her, but I wouldn't say no."
by Cacodyl February 12, 2008
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