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Perhaps the most talented white rapper of his time.
He was born to Jewish immigrants (thats right, hes actually Jewish), and lives in Brooklyn New York. Definitely has some of the most violent and preverse lyrics ever, and uses the word cunt frequently. CEO of Psycho+Logical records, "Where its logical to be a psycho". He is the younger brother of fellow MC Ill Bill, and the nephew of the legendary Uncle Howie.
Recommended Necro tracks include:
I need drugs
vaginal secretions
all hotties eat the jizz
by Coo Coo Canuck June 09, 2006

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Female actress, credited for her helium sounding voice and large breasts. She is part chinese and was actually born Jennifer Chan. She appeared in numerous films, usually as a seductress or gold digger. She also did the voice of Tiffany in the Bride/Seed of chucky films, and played herself in the latter. Also a good poker player.
Jennifer Tilly is friggin hot.
by Coo Coo Canuck June 27, 2006

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Michael Audrey Myers is a serial killer from the Halloween film series. He is noted for wearing a white mask with no real expression (Some speculate his mask is an image of william shatner???) and a dark jumpsuit. He lived in Haddonfield, Illinois, and was convicted to a mental institution at a young age for stabbing his sister to death. One Doctor Loomis studied him and attempted to cure him, but deduced that he could not be cured, and is simply a heartless psychopath. Cursed by the Thorn, his goal is to kill his whole family, starting with Laurie Strode, his sister who is played by Jamie Lee Curtis. Myers is called "The Shape" in the script and credits, probably due to his tendency to stay in the shadows. His weapon of choice is a large knife.
Incidently, Michael Myers is not that comedian Mike Myers.
Michael Myers is a heartless killer. Mike Myers is a goofy comedian.
by Coo Coo Canuck June 27, 2006

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The shrink who studied a young Michael Myers in the Halloween films. He was played by the late Donald Pleasance and was last seen in Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers. This film was shot in Pleasance's last days. It is assumed Loomis was killed by Michael Myers. He is frequently seen carrying a pistol of some kind, from revolver to desert eagle, and seems to be the only person who is capable of understanding Michael's destructive power. After Halloween 2, he became scarred when he set a room he and Myers were in ablaze with gas in an attempt to kill Myers forever. He walks with a cane after the explosion as well. Also is the deliverer of The famous "Blackest Eyes" quote. He is one of the finest characters in horror movie history and will be missed.
Laurie, in tears: "It was the boogeyman!"
Doctor Loomis says solemnly, "In fact, it was..."
by Coo Coo Canuck June 27, 2006

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A professional wrestler from Ontario, Canada. Trained by Scott D'Amore. He is the inventer of wrestlings sickest move, the Canadian Destroyer, a flip piledriver. Rumor has it that he invented the move while Drunk, however this claim has not been proven to be true. Former TNA wrestling X Division champion, and captain of the Team Canada faction.
Petey Williams hits the CANADIAN DESTROYER! its all over!
by Coo Coo Canuck June 09, 2006

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