Slang for a Slut. Used in the context of the following definition...
They should call her 'The Butchers' cause she is always full of meat...
by dr_chez September 17, 2006
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An amazing, wise, sexy young macho, carrying an axe covered with blood of his fallen victims.The Butcher wanders the cold, gray postapocalyptic world, fighting a zombie army led by a powerful sorcerer, acompanied by his trusty sidekick - Pretty Boy.
The Butcher usually wears a cloak not only to emphasize his orgasmic awesomness, but also to keep himself warm and fuzzy.
Alongside the powerful axe, his deadly arsenal includes a machete and a whipcord made out of his once long hair.
He hates coffee, poetry and insects, but rather enjoys bubblegums, whiskey and long walks.
Hey dude, I just heard that The Butcher is somewhere around here, lets get lost. - zombie đino
by Stojko_i_lola March 23, 2011
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