asshole-ish attitude toward other people
abrasive people tend to be over-aggressive and are in your face

abrasive people also tend to abuse power
Normal Person: "i don't like the colour blue"


Normal person: "i don't like the colour blue"
Abrasive Person: "well every time we share jellybeans from now on I will make sure you get all the blue ones"

Note: The abrasive person in scenario 2 is completely serious because he is an asshole.
by TomRiddle222 July 26, 2009
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Also, could be used by a girl to describe a stubbly face rubbing up against her.
The last poster about the word abrasive, was quite abrasive.
by Erawk January 30, 2006
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A word for people who have the balls to say what they think that is used by people who don't. Frequently confused with an asshole by pussies, but not the same thing.

abrasive person: "I'm not really interested in discussing that with you."
non-abrasive pussy: looks sad and wets their pants.

non-abrasive pussy to a waitress: "oh, no, this will be fine"
abrasive person to a waitress: "This food tastes like shit. I'd like to speak to your manager."
by bananabetweenoranges September 5, 2012
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quality found in the voice of NFL announcer, John Madden

see also annoying, aggrevating, and homicide-inducing
The high pitch of that fat fuck's abrasive voice makes me want to set myself on fire.
by Silent Rip December 1, 2004
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The correct term for sandpaper. The only people who call abrasive, sandpaper, are dipshits who still suckle the teet.
I wanted my fine piece of woodwork to feel like a super models bottom, so I rubbed abrasive on the surface of the product.
by LAR$ON November 14, 2007
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cuando una persona esta molestando entonces la otra le dice que se abra que significa vete, que se valla, que se largue, adiós.

Origen: colombiano
abrase de mi casa ya que no están follando igual
tu enserio que me fastidias porque mejor no te abres.
by EJCR96 April 16, 2015
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an irritated, rough, or worn away area of the skin.
the horse was so bothered by the flies, it rubbed its skin down to bumpy abrasions.
by appaloosagurly June 28, 2009
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