an utter communist school which is controlled by the worst principal ever, mr mohamed, who is a follower of hitler. they have an unlimited budget but does not care about the students, spending it only on the staffroom
person 1: hey, nanyang is such a good school

person 2: u have not studied there before

person 1: what do you mean, it is bad?

person 2: no shut
by Mannnle April 13, 2020
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Students that inhabit nanyang primary school

Can never shut up and are wild as heck in both a good and bad way
Hates all the grumpy teachers and LOVE the nice ones
Thinks almost all relief teachers are evil
over competitive during PE and eats all the ba kwa during CNY food tasting
Kid 1: omg have you seen that guy he’s so sickkkkk
Kid 2: yeah he’s totally a nanyanger
by dumbling April 14, 2020
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cool school beside mrt with some students being high ego
hey i go to nanyang polytechnic im cool
by mobilelegends abang abang August 21, 2021
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Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is the second oldest university in Singapore and one of the most prestigious universities in Asia and on global metrics. The only thing she's better at than the National University of Singapore (NUS) is her engineering programs and students who aren't peeping toms.

By day, monkeys from the nearby jungle roam the halls stealing shoes and food from homeless undergraduates crying over useless ICC modules and unrelenting exams. By night, you can see students trying to bid for modules on a school website called STARS running on archaic digital infrastructure from a university that calls itself a technological university. Oh, you can also hear students having sex in their rooms.
Friend 1: Happy graduation bro! How was life like studying at Nanyang Technological University?
Friend 2: Thank you, brother. NTU was a very enriching experience and offered me an unparalleled education for my degree. I could have never asked for a better college.
Friend 1: Good to hear. I can't help but notice that you shaved your hair as well?
Friend 2: Oh no, my hair all fell out while trying to bid for classes on STARS.
by nus cs student July 6, 2022
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esth*r lim and sh*rley lum (the 2 p6 year heads) are both cancerous communists and manipulators. they think that they r the best when in reality they are nothing but two old divorced hags. esther lim is an infertile whore that prob ate her husband. shirley lummylumslut has more forehead than bitches. also she rolls her eyes like some kind of superior dictator. must as well call her a dick taker bc her mouth is so big and fat and ugly. lick my pussy u whore.
someone: i hate shirlee lamb and essy leem. they are such cancerous nanyang year heads
someone else: ikr lets form an anarchy against them <3
someone: k lets show those assfucks that we're better than them
by Embryo Roblox Hater and Simp August 20, 2022
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Best school ever. Awesome uniform. Awesome banana suit. We have cats. We also have amazing Japanese food. Great choir. Spectacular architecture. We don't need air-con. You should have come to Nanyang.
Cow: You should have come to Raffles Girls' Sec School.

The great queen: You should have come to Nanyang Girls' High School.
by Flowerful March 9, 2021
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Top school in Singapore, sister school to Hwa Chong Institution. Very nice pure white uniform with red words. Mostly thought of as nerds but most of them are very cool.
Raffles Girls' School girl: Oi why you Nanyang girls insult us on Urban Dictionary?! What is wrong with you?!
Nanyang Girls' High School girl: Oi you also insulted us back what?! Scold us for what?!
A random person who wrote the original insulting definition: Imma watch the show...
by yunnaXD March 31, 2021
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