Ice Crown Citadel. New dungeon in World of Warcraft that can be ran as a 10 or 25 man raid. Dungeon is located in Northrend.
Player 1: LFM ICC25
Player 2: inv me
by Playboy_bunny February 2, 2010
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I.C.C. = in-class crush

Someone you like in class but wouldn't bother to pursue outside of school. He/she helps keep you engaged, lookin' good, and motivated during the semester.

Little joys might include: trying not to stare (and enjoying your self-restraint,) catching him/her staring at you, sending ~~~vibes~~~~, texting during class, sitting next to this person, thinking about following him/her to the bathroom and making out as if you were at a slutty bar, etc.

It is recommended that if you do decide to pursue your I.C.C. outside of the academic setting, wait until the semester is over so you don't have an awkward last two weeks. Trust me.

I.C.C. was trademarked by genius S.W.B.
Whenever my ICC gets up to go to the bathroom, I want to follow him, make out with him and see what he'd do!
by gjlee February 21, 2011
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Internet Chat Creeping; Someone who preys on unsuspecting victims by confessing their love for them and putting them in awkward situations on AIM, Facebook etc. Could also be used just as Internet Chat Creeper to describe the actual person.
Last night, someone ICC'ed me telling me they loved me...I only know him through class and we've never talked before.
by theconnection April 5, 2010
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Illinois Central College In peoria illinois.

Mascot= Cougar

Colors= Blue and Gold

Location=Peoria Illinois
-Hey Broc! Where are you going to college?
by black betty 16 January 30, 2009
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Acronym for International Cunt Circus. A good term for a group of girls you may not like.
I don't really want to go out tonight if the ICC is gonna be there.
by turtle salad July 20, 2010
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