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Top school in Singapore, brother school to Nanyang Girls' School. Expected to master Chinese but some don't. Some students like visiting the Kiddy Room but always get freaked out.
Random relative: Woah you kid can hor score 270 in PSLE, what school you going to ah? Raffles Institution or Hwa Chong Institution?
Kid: Hwa Chong maybe? It is near to my house.
by yunnaXD March 31, 2021
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Top school in Singapore, sister school to Hwa Chong Institution. Very nice pure white uniform with red words. Mostly thought of as nerds but most of them are very cool.
Raffles Girls' School girl: Oi why you Nanyang girls insult us on Urban Dictionary?! What is wrong with you?!
Nanyang Girls' High School girl: Oi you also insulted us back what?! Scold us for what?!
A random person who wrote the original insulting definition: Imma watch the show...
by yunnaXD March 31, 2021
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An entertainment company full of HOT TALENTED BOYS
Stranger 1: Hey u see that Meng Hetang from deyunshe? He's so damn hot.
Stanger 2: Yes ikrrr he's my husband.
by yunnaXD March 8, 2021
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Top school in Singapore, the sister school to Raffles Institution. Full of geniuses and sometimes are considered nerdy, but most of the time they get booked and don't submit their homework (on time).
Stanger 1: So are u going to nygh or Raffles Girls' School?
Stranger 2: uhhh maybe raffles? I heard they have laptops and little homework there
by yunnaXD March 8, 2021
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