A prestigious school in its country, fripping hard to get in. Msg promoter, asks students to spend money for other poorer peeps, rich a f school. Much better than raffles institution
Yooooo look, its hwa chong institution! So cool! Its waaaay better that ri.
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prestigious school that's thirsty for msg and students have to pay for legit everything like class shirts and cca merch. enemy of raffles institution and anglo chinese school in competitions but still cool. full of rich people even the poorest kid here still can afford a lot of stuff
1.whoa look at that hci dude beside that ri kid, that hci dude's way cooler than that ri nerd.
2.wait what school is this omg it's hci, hwa chong institution, ri kids stay away. jk hwa chong isn't that prestigious
by elitistsociety August 31, 2021
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A school which is the best in Singapore. It is a really prestigious school which its really hard to get in
"Hey, mom I got A1 for all my subjects!" "Great son, now I just need to win the lottery in order to have enough money to send you to Hwa Chong Institution!"
by Yo boi shadovortex March 27, 2021
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Top school in Singapore, brother school to Nanyang Girls' School. Expected to master Chinese but some don't. Some students like visiting the Kiddy Room but always get freaked out.
Random relative: Woah you kid can hor score 270 in PSLE, what school you going to ah? Raffles Institution or Hwa Chong Institution?
Kid: Hwa Chong maybe? It is near to my house.
by yunnaXD March 31, 2021
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The best secondary school in the whole of singapore.
Wahhh you got al 5?
Don’t go Ri that school trash
Go Hwa Chong institution that school is the best
by A hwa chong kid February 14, 2022
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