the Filipino way to say "air-conditioner." The Filipinos say air-con with a tagalog accent in which not a lot of people could imitate.
Jobelle! Saan yung air-con mo?!

Translated: Jobelle! Where is your air-conditioner?
by Lupa-Lupa July 24, 2008
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Popping a mint before giving a blowjob to give a recipient a cooling sensation.
Want air-con? $5 extra.
by Lord Villa April 16, 2010
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When the air-conditioning becomes so cold, your body begins to shut down to keep warm.
by 7aipan December 16, 2005
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After having sex with a girl, you write a note on her chest addressed to U.S. Marshall Vince Larkin and throw her out of the nearest window and shout "Later, Pinball!"
Dude I totally gave her the con-air last night after we were done. She landed on my neighbor's cat and while the message did not attract the U.S. marshalls, I did get a visit from the local police.
by FlogTheDolphin July 7, 2011
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A movie starring Nicholas Cage that I have unintentionally seen thousands of times.

person 1: Oh, what's that?
person 2: Con Air.
person 1: CHANGE IT QUICK!
person 2: I can't, the spirit of Steve Buscemi's terrible film choices as of lately has posessed the remote control preventing me from changing it and thus subjecting me to it's terror, again!
person 1: Shit.
by Nitsirhc July 6, 2005
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1. A movie produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. It stars Nicolas Cage and John Malkovich. It is about a group of prisoners who take over a plane taking them to other jails, trials, executions, etc.
2. The name of the plane carrying the prisoners in the movie Con Air.
1. Con Air stars Nicolas Cage as a good guy and John Malkovich as a bad guy.
2. Con Air transports prisoners.
by Pejhman January 26, 2005
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