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Short for Nanyang Technological University, a university in Singapore that self-claims to be the best university in Asia yet provides poor undergraduate education and arrogant administration.
Hey, have you heard that NTU ranked first in QS-Asia again? We have beaten Yale again this year!
That's so cool! In a few years, we'll outperform MIT too! Soon NTU will become the best university in the world! I can't believe my stupid friends choose to go to Princeton!!
by uniwrangler April 17, 2018
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NTU is the top-ranking university in Taiwan by scientific paper performance. In 2009, Times Higher Education ranked it 95th in the world. It is ranked 2nd in Asia and 26th in the world according to the online rankings site "Webometrics".

NTU was founded in 1928 by the Japanese during the Japanese colonial era and was then known as the Taihoku (Taipei) Imperial University. After World War II and Taiwan's retrocession to Chinese sovereignty, the Republic of China government resumed the administration of Taihoku University and reorganized and renamed it National Taiwan University on November 15, 1945.
NTU is competitive university in Taiwan.
by catcat3 October 24, 2009
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An acronym for the term "not teh/the understandable sort." Pronouced "entuss". Used to describe movies, songs, and also one's state of mind when out of their wits from lack of sleep. Originally a misspelling of "nuts", then adapted to suit the usage.
"Did you see that movie last night? It was totally NTUS."
"Sorry, what did you say? I was up watching this crazy movie late last night and now I'm NTUS."
by hanzeethefish December 22, 2006
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