1) Of poor quality, useless

2) Unfashionable
"You just sit there and vegetate! Naff!
by Daisy May 12, 2005
Sucky. Crap. Plato would say it is something very low from its ideal form.
That car is so naff, it doesn't have a reverse and it backfires.
by Bubba Zanetti April 5, 2005
God these Hallmark cards are all just naff
by mealy3.0 March 2, 2009
1. Not. A. Founding. Father
Someone who is new to the Vince Dao Discord Server and is Incredibly toxic to staff. Only FFs, Founding Fathers, may use this phrase.

2. Someone who does something noobish
1. This guy is such a Naff, he keeps screaming free orange man bad
2. This guy exposed himself as the imposter, NAFF moment
by GooseAFK September 16, 2020
something uncool.

original meaning: "not available for fucking"
by damohasi April 17, 2003
A word used in Great Britan to mean 'tacky', 'lame', or 'totally uncool'. Can also be used as 'nafty'.

John: Did you see her new haircut?
Mike: Yeah, it's totally nafty.

Kate: Like, why is she totally acting like all that?
John: Yeah, that haircut it naff and she knows it.
by Flemily March 31, 2009
The act of walking around, making a face of a retarded person and utter "NAFFE!!!!". This will get you laid.
NAh-FEH!!! NAh.. Nah.. Nah-FEEEEEEEH!
by cirCuit March 6, 2003