When you don't like something or someone, but can't find really describe why.

by Shaowfax2020 March 15, 2009
Originally Naff was Medieval Scottish for vagina.
Princess Anne was once reported
to have said, "naff off."
by nv January 7, 2005
Not Appropriate For Facebook.

Acronym used when someone posts something inappropriate on your Facebook page.
Example 1

Friend: Dude, you were so hammered last night. I cannot believe you hooked up with Brian's girlfirend...

You: NAFF, Man!

Example 2

Friend: Ha Ha, I tagged you in that pic of us smoking weed out of the bong we made out of an apple.

You: NAFF man! Work people are on here!
Example 3

Friend: Everyone, please pray for my grandmother to have a bowel movement... it has been a week!
You: Please, that is sooo NAFF...

by joshuam121 April 11, 2010
a kinder way of telling someone to "fuck off", was first used in the book "Kes", but popularised in the british tv series "porridge", a comedy series about a prison and its occupants. Norman Stanley Fletcher used it constantly as a way of getting around tv censorship.
got any snouts fletch?,,, Naff off your erk no I aint!
by kulucriss January 5, 2008
"Nothing at all" in a derogatory way.
Similar to (but not as rude/crude as): Fuck all, Sod all or Bugger all
A lot stronger (but less funny) than: Zilch or Dibbly squit
You stayed in and did naff all today and you expect me to clean the house and cook dinner the minute I come back from work.
by AP November 25, 2004
It's a classier version of bite me in that it's literal meaning is "Go away, asshole" but it is usually said to someone you like in a joking manner.

According to Fowlers, Princess Anne said it to a bunch of reporters sometime in the 1980's.

It's really obscure. Princess Anne and I are the only ones I know who say it.
"So, I was reading the comics this morning and noticed that Cathy is dieting for her wedding just like you are!"

"Oh, naff off..."
by ChaliceChick November 30, 2004