The most gorgeous sexiest man in the world.....with the've ever seen!
Wow, it was sooo big you just knew he was a Britan.
by Lollipop069 July 27, 2009
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funniest tv series program ever, i like the spaz in wheelchair
little britan is cool - ya i no, dont like it, computer says nooooo,

if you were to ask me on a monday id say yeeeees
by robbie helm December 21, 2006
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like the coolest tv show ever, with that disabled guy who ses ya i no and vicky pollard etc
'u watchin little britan later' 'computer sez no'
by rio January 21, 2005
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The worst TV show ever, that disabled guy that says ya i know was only good in Shooting Stars.
I dont see the humour, its not funny its repetitive and boring.
by Triple J May 2, 2005
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People here like their tea and biscuits. They also love their queen.
Tea time in Great Britan, I must have my tea. My queen <3
by EROCKSMC April 4, 2017
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The finest most SEXIEST bitch in the galaxy
She’ll have you hard and throbbing in seconds.

Being with her is like being with your mom; she’ll tell you what to do
Britane let’s me call her mommy in bed while I’m tied up and gagged.
by Urlocalwhore November 24, 2021
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the best person in the world is better than Antonio and Christos only likes white people like jaydin and is BETTER THAN ANTONI
britanic is so much cooler than pop smoke
by biggerthaneveryboy September 8, 2021
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