slang describing someone, a "non-athletic fat fuck"
kim: jerry called you ugly yesterday at lunch.
meghan: pshh whatever he's a naff anyways
by soupsters October 13, 2019
Look at all these naffs.
by NaffSlayer69 December 1, 2022
British slang meaning uncool, tacky, unbearable, unfunny and purposeless.
"James is a very naff person"
by The One.72 July 4, 2017
Just all out naff.

Not really worth ya time when it's naff subject
Yah fam this chicken is pure naff you get me
by Percy pig August 16, 2017
He said he was going to eat the booty like groceries , ole dude a naff .
by Youngin$ July 14, 2016