it means something that rubbish or pointless. Not what you expected it be.
well that's naff
by becky12 August 13, 2009
Slang for somthing which is unpleastant or boring

Originates from term used in the 60's. Naff = Not Avalable For Fucking
That is well naff!
by Reecelitchy14 January 1, 2009
adj. Not very good, but not bad enough to warrant a passionate dismissal.
The White Horse mate, nah it's naff - you wanna get yourself down the King's Arms - full of totty on a Friday night
by Shevek September 22, 2002
A term used to describe the internet forum No Affiliation (With Anything).
Yo there's been mad dramaz on Naff with fluffy, yo!
by Sar(ah) July 11, 2008
An extremely abstract person that doesn't have respect for a words orignal purpose.
Man, that girl over there, she's such a Naff.
by Naff May 29, 2005