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An amazing person who is gorgeous. and she knows how to make you laugh and smile. and she can make you happy. she never lies. she is a loyal friend. has good taste. and is very artsy. you can't know a katey and NOT love her. its impossible.
Look, its katey, the amazing person!
by saradalera December 01, 2011
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A small biatch, very good insults. Highly recommended in a verbal fight. Good friend nevertheless. Knows a shit load about TV and Film trivia for some reason.
Person 2: *Runs away*
by Gobbledygook12342134 August 26, 2018
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Katey: Smarter than a genius, sweeter than the bell, she's got a body sent from heaven, she is sexier than Hell.

Parties harder a rockstar, hotter than a flame, cooler than the freezer, she is even faster than Usain.

Funnier than Ferrell, eyes brighter than the moon, tastier than candy, She will make you cum too soon

Crazier than Jersey, more wild than the zoo, smoother than molasses, she is way more awesome than you.
Fuck Ya! Katey!
Katey is the coolest girl alive.

I wish I was Katey
by Marilyn Vos Savant February 05, 2010
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A red/orange hottie. A fuggin' ca-razy son-of-a-cool person! (: You just can't help to love her and obsess over her.
Damn, I love Katey. (His girlfriends name is Anglea.)
by Mariann_Winden June 12, 2008
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this amazingly sick, gorgey-gorge, fantastical, fantabulous sex kitty who just can't get enough. she also is quite good friends with madeleine.
That girl over there, oh yeah, shes a katey. Shes a REAL good katey, too.
by katey's lover. January 12, 2009
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