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fire crotch- someone with red pubic hair

usually refers to a guy
carrot top has a frotch.
by Little Lola August 27, 2005
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See Fire Crotch. Slang for the term used for people with an orange crotch.
"Sup Frotch, tell your mama that she sucked last night."
by Frotch April 01, 2003
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someone's who has orange pubic hair, you can usually tell if someone is a frotch if their eyebrows are orange.
"Man, I can't believe you fucked a frotch last night!"
by Lala POpo April 26, 2004
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One who has red hair and thus having red pubes or a "fire crotch"

fire + crotch = frotch
friend: god i hate casey
you: I know hes such a frotch
by who... chris jones August 19, 2007
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