it has two definitions

1. to be so shocked u don’t know how to function

2. to be laughing uncontrollably laughing to the point u don’t know what bodily fluids will excrete from ur orifices
i’m reeling i’m vomiting i’m peeing i just fell off the eiffel tower
by kathytrunchbul March 13, 2019
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Being to awestruck, to shocked to comprehend anything
" man, im still reeling form last night"
" i cant beleive she is still reeling from what he said"
by eileen86 November 27, 2005
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To become wound up tight or hypersensitive.
I have had too much coffee and now I'm reeling.
by johnnymcword February 21, 2010
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to do something worthy of praise and admiration, belonging to a highlight reel
Dude, that was an insane shot. You're out here reeling
by tablecloth174 March 22, 2021
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Greezed, tricked, or having someone pull a fast one on you.
Boy 1: Go to the movies with me, Shaniqua.
Shaniqua: I gotta go to Oregon, sorry
Boy 2 to Boy 1: Man, that movie with Shaniqua was poppin
Boy1: WHAT? Dude, Shaniqua REELED me!
by YoBaws March 12, 2013
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1.The dog went haywire.Try to reel it in.

2.I cannot reel it in,when I get psyched.
by Toa Pohatu February 22, 2017
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Mini TikTok
A minor video streaming platform within a social media platform created by Instagram as insurance for when President Trump deletes TikTok.
Guy #1: Everything on reels is so ass man.

Guy #2: I know dude, it’s just mini TikTok.
by jacobsartoriusgirlfriend August 6, 2020
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