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To check the quantity of illicit substances without the use of a gram scale.
Lemme eyeball it... that's about an ounce.
by Teleolurian June 16, 2004
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Term used to address peers in a semi-condescending manner in order to establish dominance in a relationship. Especially effective in a school or office setting.
What’s up Eyeball?

Hey man, not much.

Yeah that’s what I fucking thought.”
by windowWiper3000 November 13, 2019
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1) (vt) to stare at another with intent to threaten or insult

2) (vt) to measure by visual estimate
1) That bully eyeballs everyone like he wants to pick a fight.

2) How long is the hallway? About 10ft, just eyeballing it.
by falseprophetofthebeast August 15, 2009
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Attempting to guess the weight of one's marijuana simply by looking at it when one is silly enough to forget thy scales
Duuuude that 8th seriously eyeballs at 4Grams!!
by StonerRob August 06, 2008
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