Boy- come suck "my meat"

Girl- i aint rachet

Boy- come on. U know i care about you

Girl- you do, ok
by kwsuper April 10, 2014
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The act of masturbation but in different words to supposedly make the word sound less weird or awkward
Friend: Hey dude, watcha doin' up at 3:00am in the morning?
Other Guy: I'm up to beat my meat
Friend: Haha, yeahh....
by Fugma Balls August 25, 2018
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Where you are eating a burger, and the meat has been finished before the bun has.
"Ahh Joe, I've beat my Meat !"

"Ahh not again!"
by goncamble October 31, 2019
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This is when you grab your erect penis and move your arm in a type of oscillatory motion. The meat being the penis and beating being another word for masturbation.
*Jerry sees a hot naked chick*

Jerry: Damn i wanna be beating my meat right now!
*Jerry proceeds to unbuckle his belt and take off his pants*
*Jerry firmly grasps his penis and starts beating it*
by Woketh Loops August 4, 2018
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The action or discrption of “yeeting” ones “meat”. Performed by first or third person, it is when ones phallic member is treated in a concussive way that may cause physical damage. You can yeet your own meat or have your meat yeeted by a third party participant. This action can be performed for sexual reason or for the purpose of causing physical damage.
Why were you in the hospital bro?

Oh, my girlfriend yeet my meat after I cheated on her
by YKG J June 22, 2018
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