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An abrievation of "what are you". Also used as a greeting.
Watcha doin'?
Watcha got there?
by fables March 29, 2006
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Latino slang (usually Mexican) for watch or to look out.
Ey foo pass the blunt.

Watcha foo, your mom just pulled up.

Oh shit foo hide it.

Ey bro watch this burnout.

Psh, no quema, cuh.

by LosFrijoles!! December 24, 2019
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A game played by southern californianas, usually played by two or more players,

The game stars when player 1 says “watcha” then player 2 guesses what player 1 is currently doing. If p2 is wrong then player 3 guesses and so on and so forth until someone wins.
Kim:”Hey Watcha”
Kourtney:”eating a sandwich?”
Kim:”yes! You win!”
by Mei payan January 7, 2019
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Jacob: dude, I have herpes but your mom didn't mind last night.

Chris: watcha say?!
by freakishlyyours March 1, 2010
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