Sarcasam used to throw a conversation.
Hits: Dude, you suck! FYI.
Relam:I care.
by Kirk Corbett February 20, 2008
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A commonly used expression that often shows that the person does in fact care...
Used before or after a sentance that the speaker 'does not care about' (but actually does)
expresses some anger, jelousy, frustration
'Not That I care... but, why were you talking to that stupid bitch' OR
'Oh my god, did you see that 'zooey' has the exact same dress as me... Not That I care... or anything...'
by cook7 June 12, 2009
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usually said to a person you got you pissed off
and you would like to answer him in a got annoyed way
John: (after saying something about your ex) hey i got a new tattoo
Ann: like i care
by kissmebabe January 29, 2012
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Meaning that you don't care at all, 'it' doesnt concern you.
A: hey, I heard that when you're dead, your children will sell all your stamp collections on an auction house.
B: When that time comes, they can do with it whatever they like, for all I care.
by axzze January 1, 2009
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an expression used (normally when you are angry at someone)to show that you have no intention of reacting to their annoying or terrorizing behavior
see also like i care, so?, whatever, i don't care and what's your point?
suzie: ha ha i threw your books on the floor and im not picking them up
boberta: see if i care
by TINAAAA!!! YAHHHH February 5, 2006
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A phrase usually followed by an especially negative statement. It expresses that the speaker would have no sympathy if the said statement occurred.
Guy 1: Yeah, Oprah is the best daytime show on television
Guy 2: Oprah can burn in a ditch filled with hungry pumas for all I care
by Jaiikke July 31, 2008
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To me it means I don't give a fuck about your opinion. I just listened to you explain something and a nice way of saying IDGAF would be think I care. or also lets them know you don't give a fuck about anything but yourself.
Dude, you really think I care? or That's funny you think I care?
by BroadLea June 27, 2017
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