Most Valuable Player in any type.
"Go Ahead and Envy Me, I'm Rap's MVP, and I ain't going nowhere so You Can Get to Know Me" The Game. The Documentary. Hate It or Love It (Feat. 50 Cent)
by Ollie: Oliver Wang April 4, 2005
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A word used in the iconic line Lee Jinki of SHINee sang in the song “replay
by jjooaee November 22, 2019
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a wwe superstar none as motel vontaviose porter debut in 2006 former u.s. champion uses a finisher called the play maka very arrogant and cocky but sometimes can back up what he sez most of the time just gets his ass kicked
dude one-OMG kane just set mvp on fire :O
dude two- good he sucks anyway
by big Chad February 11, 2008
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(1)Most Valuable Poet (on the mic), compare (2)Most Valuable Player in team sports.
"Go head' envy me I'm raps MVP And I ain't goin nowhere so you can get to know me" Game in "Hate it or love it"
by Rachel~ April 30, 2005
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Most Vaginal Person. Awarded every year to the player in a sports league who is the biggest pussy.
Boris Diaw should be the MVP of the NBA -- what a pussy
by J-Smoove May 13, 2006
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