wrestling for the WWE. talks WAY too much. gets his ass handed to him... a lot. when he doesn't, he walks out on his matches. overpaid. current U.S. champion (not for much longer, I hope!). constantly says "I am better than YOU!"
MVP, once again!, walked out on his opponent
by Karina M March 20, 2008
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Montel Vontavious Porter. A mediocre WWE wrestler, irrelevent since 2008. Among the few things MVP is good at is being overrated and overestimated. In 2010, he quit WWE to compete somewhere in Japan.
MVP wouldn't even get out of his pod in the Elimination Chamber match of 2008.
by CheerupButtercup June 05, 2015
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Magic Vagina Problems.

Magical vagina problems are a direct cause of DVM (or devil vagina magic).
You ain't got much to worry about much but MVP with a pussy like that.

Damn that Devil Vagina Magic got that boy good, he can't get enough! #MVP
by AmaryllisUrsula October 30, 2016
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MVP is either

Most Valueable player
Monster Vs Player

Monster VS player is usally used when
fight a very STRONG monster in a MMORPG
#1:Dude, did you here about the new MVP?

#2: Bye, I am gonna go MVP a strong monster!
by Austin December 13, 2004
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Damn, I love a hot milf ! Nothing like some good MVP!
by Yo Mama Osama March 26, 2004
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