Noona is a word used by korean males to address female older than them who they are close to (biological or not).

It's often used in a romantic relationship when a guy refers to his girlfriend (or the guy hitting on a girl) who is older/same age as him.

Noona literally means "older sister"

The female version of this word is Unni.
Do you want to go on a date with me noona?

I told noona that I'll come home early today.
by Tinypanda November 30, 2015
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Noona is the Korean way of calling a female whom is sisterlike and well respected by others. It’s is only used by males younger than the ‘noona
“Hyemin-noona, you’re so smart, thank you for helping me today!”
by ^-^ cookie_dough ^-^ February 11, 2019
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A Korean term that means older/big sister that males call a female relative or a older girl they admire or respect. It is sometimes used as a honorific or to replace a person's name.A variation on spelling is Nuna.

The female version of the word is Eonnie, Unni,Eonni, Unnie, Eunni, Eunnie, or onnie.
Sang-hee noona is so pretty. She's smart, sporty, and a beautiful voice. I wish noona would go out with me, but I found out she doesn't date any one younger than her.
by Diviana March 26, 2010
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A Korean term used to refer to an older girl (older sister).
"That noona is so pretty!"
"Which noona from Girls' Generation is prettier, Yuri or Yoona?"
by Tdxiang August 13, 2009
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Northern Indigenous American Language.

First born daughter
Little Mama
Ha Wi-NooNa, WaNa WoTah.
by Directional Focus September 2, 2019
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Noona is when you decide to slope off for some lunchtime nookie. It is only at lunchtime between the hours of 12-2pm. It can be with someone you know or a new friend.

It is also preferable to have noona in interesting places, like on car bonnets, in parks, on your boss' desk ;) You get the idea.
Having great noona (sex) during the hours of 12-2pm
by Lustfish March 20, 2007
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