Poet comes from a Greek word meaning "to make." or One Who Writes Verse. Poet biblical meaning is spiritual awakening and purpose,passion, prosperity.Poet is a Greek name .
Poet is a Greek name . Poet is a poetic ofc but Poet is person who is soft spoken. Poet is written form of self expression a person who is empathy who has no problem explain how he feel a an open book & use spoken poetry to evangelize .
by Musicismyclarity February 23, 2022
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Attention-seeking artist who risks embarrassment in treating the general public as their therapist... Lyrical oversharer...
Get me away from that chick. She told me her whole life story and I don't even know her name!! What a poet!
by Createlala April 10, 2016
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Adjective - Mildly awe-inspiring and portraying general awesomeness.
Guy 1 - What did you think of the 1912 silent motion film Saved From The Titanic?

Guy 2 - It was poet man.
by elibeman April 30, 2013
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A reference to a homosexual person. Derived from the fact that many of the historical poets were actually gay, and many of the modern ones are too.
Is he wearing a pink polo with the collar popped? What a poet!
by Peg Leg Pete May 6, 2008
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Code name for a mole or undercover government informat.
The bust was successful thanks impart to "The Poet" working undercover and providing information.
by Brian Knowles July 21, 2011
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