Something thats not going to happen. Telling someone you're not going to do something.
"Girl why this man tried to get me to have a 3some??.. You know I ain't going.
by Jbizzle44 December 2, 2007
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1. to resist being at fault for something like an arrest due to drugs or prostitution.

2. to refrain from agreeing on something that has to do with a group of druggies conducting business of drug some serious weed.
by dj ballz February 6, 2014
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A well formed response to almost any question that involves potentially being/looking like a chump to someone else.
My company told me I was being sent on a trip to Mexico, then said the CEO was drunk when he made the announcement. They told me I'd be promoted, then back-tracked. The worst, I was paid for commission on an upsell, then 2 months later, they took the funds out of my paycheck.

Ipso facto, I quit without another job lined up, I ain't going out like that!
by GlazeHer November 4, 2016
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