A lesson about committing you’re heart to a relationship too swiftly
Taylor have Valuable Pain
by Valuable pain November 25, 2019
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Most Valuable Drunk refers to the member of your crew that can be counted on each time he or she is wasted for severeal things:
1)They will make several questionable jokes
2)They will promise things without thinking, sometimes with no possible positive outcome
3)They will always be the life of the party, whether people are laughing at them, or with them
Eric: Yo how did this shit even get started...I don't wanna have a team fight with these ninja's, who got us into this shit?
Matt: Sighhh...It was our MVD, at work again...
Jay: You guys need me, im the Most Valuable Drunk! They're not that fast...
by king jay March 27, 2008
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Portions of gold holding significant value. These particular gems are regarded with high honor by many of the rural tribes of the bering sea and African feldspar lemers.
n00b1: checks out them sick valuable gold nuggets, what do you estimate the value of 16 cubic centimeters?
n00b2: I would have to say above 10,000, given their size and lustre
by Pce_Nug January 21, 2006
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A conversation between two same sex people, about their own sexual exploits between exclusive partners.
Guy 1: Hey man I wanna have butt sex with you.......
Man 2: Hen yea, that's like you and your partner.
Man 2: Leaving for that I'm very sexually active in talking to you.
Man 1: This gentleman is called valuable sex knowledge, go home and be in fear of me.
Guy 1: No, but kinda though...and because I love my life.
by Holy Omen December 4, 2022
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The best drinker of the group. The life of the party.
Dude he’s the mvd, it wouldn’t be a party without the most valuable drinker.
by August 13, 2021
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