Short for Mechanical Ventilator.

A MV or mechanical ventilator is a device that assists with breathing as by a mask over the patient's mouth, and nose, or more commonly by a breathing tube also known as an ET or Endotracheal tube placed into the patient's airway or trachea.
1. He was on an MV for five years before they got him on a CPAP machine, and just weaned him off like THAT.
2. Are you serious?
3. Yes!!!!!!
4. Wow.
by 1992peter March 26, 2010
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MV, short for midget vagina, a rare condition commonly found in females that originate from the donegal reigon in Ireland.

Midget Vagina (midget vaginatosis, medical term) is where a fully grown woman has a vagina that is severely undersized(typically 1mm in width), this results extreme sexual frustration in the female. thus resulting in the female rejecting any male with a large penis and substituting him with a male with a midget penis (male usually from a similar or close by area).

while a cure for midget vaginatosis has not been found yet, an ancient myth says that if the affected female wears a mexican styled G-BANGER(slang for g-string), she should experinece a burst in vaginal growth.
damn that chick had some serious dose of the Mv man!!
by wee omey November 13, 2009
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the magical story of the magic Virgina is it a mith or does some lady really have it?
Is it real or does she just know how to work it ๐Ÿค”.
Tommy: that chick has the mv !
Tim: I want to try it!

Tommy: she ain't going to give that shit to just anyone man you have to work hard for it!
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by ๐Ÿ”ฅ fire ๐Ÿ”ฅ September 02, 2019
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megavirgin, the absolute highest form of non sexual being.

Origin: matt w., bellingham, wa
Matt once was the original mv, and even advertised it on the forums.
by gusthesurfanimal May 22, 2007
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