A medical device - in the form of a a machine - used to treat Sleep Apnea, Lou Gerhig's Disease, and a few other conditions. It works by blowing pressurized air (not oxygen) into the notrils.

CPAP is an acronym for "Continuous Positive Air Pressure).
If you use a CPAP machine effectively, you will not snore.
by Anonymous August 25, 2003
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The incredibly hard, eye popping, blue vein throbber of a hard-on reached during the air pressure ramp up cycle of a CPAP sleep apnea machine.
Example sentence: although the cpap's face mask ruled out the possibility of a Tahitian face maskbefore bed, Allison did enjoy riding that uber CPAP woody in reverse cowgirl while redirecting a queef out her ass
by h0wl1n6w0lf January 28, 2016
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A sexual position where the nose is placed into the vagina and a deep in-breath is taken.
"Imma give my man a dirty cpap tonight."
by your_nightstand_water_glass February 19, 2018
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When getting setup with a CPAP machine for sleep apnea, a provider may put out many different types of used CPAP Masks that have been used by hundreds of people to see which one fits best for the person. It's an effort designed to prevent opening up new masks constantly to cut on costs.
My dad went to the medical supply store to get setup with a CPAP Machine. When they put out the CPAP Buffet, he asked for a new mask.
by Footit November 20, 2018
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An advanced masturbatory method which simulates erotic asphyxiation, generally leveraged by traveling snorers to elevate their ‘alone time’.

Shortens time to completion, but may result in frightened room keepers based on the deployment scene (CPAP machine, crunchy towels, and empty bottles of hotel body lotion).
‘Hey should we review that deck for tomorrow?’

Call back in 2, CPAP-jacking’
by JC Jamal Singh January 28, 2020
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The word the portugals replace crap with.
Xahara: It says OH CRAP!
Rusty0: I see OH CPAP
by Fright01 August 29, 2008
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Term for a person that eats ass and then wears a mask to preserve the taste and smell for as long as possible.
Person 1: Did you see them with their mask on when no one was around?
Person 2: Who?
Person 1: That person over there.
Person 2: Oh! They’re pulling a Kansas City CPAP after eating ass all morning.
by Smithsonian November 4, 2021
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