Shotgunning smoke into someone's nostrils.

Blowing smoke into someone's nose.
I gave her the ventilator and smoke came out her mouth.
by Skankypants October 24, 2015
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Transitive verb: To shoot someone, with the implication that the holes made in the body would allow wind to pass through. May also be applicable to stabbing. Attributed to Kirk Douglas's character Cactus Jack in the 1979 film, "The Villain."

It is likely that no one has ever used this term seriously. It is usually heard as a humorous mock-threat between friends.
Cactus Jack: Take another step and I'll ventilate you!
by Evac156 February 10, 2005
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to shoot someone (from the notion of letting air into someone)
For a second I thought he was going to ventilate.
by The Return of Light Joker November 30, 2007
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Bullet riddled body, body with holes in it.
"Yo jackass you wanna get ventillated"
by Joel White July 2, 2005
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(of a butt) being flat or poorly shaped.
“She got a nice ass?”
Nah man that shit is ventilated”.
by hanojnokreb March 11, 2023
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Relief from an over-heated nightclub dance floor.
Girl, I'm dyin' in here. I've gotta step outside and get some ventilation.
by SuperPry February 22, 2010
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A staple in many chemistry labs, the chicken ventilator can also be called a hood. You do chemistry in there, and on rare occasions, you may also see a mustached man smoking a cigarette or ventilating chickens.
I was goin dahn the chem lab to ventilate some chickens when I found grundle tickler Frank smoking a cigarette in the chicken ventilator.
by John Dubich April 18, 2007
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