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AM is short for Air Mattress.

Its the kind of mattress that can either be pumped up by foot, and/or by electric pump.
1. When I took that tunug medicine, the mattress boy tole me to get on the AM.
2. I saw that AM, and it was vibrating.
3. I hate the AM.
4. I do too.
5. I'm going to pump the AM up, and we can get on it.
6. All right, You can do that.
by 1992peter February 14, 2010
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1. Bring the AM in here, and we'll get him sedated.
2. All right.
3. Which airway should I use, the LMA, or the ET tube?
4. The LMA.
5. All right.
by 1992peter March 27, 2010
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A person who has MNS.

This person is considered strange in some eyes but to some people particularly nurses in a hospital or Drs. is considered up their alley. This person is considered a Medical Nerd or MN because they love medical equipment, and/or love to talk about Drs. and nurse's jobs a lot, or some people just love studying the human body.
1. This dude is a Medical Nerd.
2. I know.
3. He tried to steal a pulse oximeter from the hospital one time, and the nurses just laughed at him, and took the pulse oximeter back.
4. What brand was the pulse oximeter?
5. It was Ohmeda 3760
6. Oh.
by 1992peter January 11, 2010
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Short for Mechanical Ventilator.

A MV or mechanical ventilator is a device that assists with breathing as by a mask over the patient's mouth, and nose, or more commonly by a breathing tube also known as an ET or Endotracheal tube placed into the patient's airway or trachea.
1. He was on an MV for five years before they got him on a CPAP machine, and just weaned him off like THAT.
2. Are you serious?
3. Yes!!!!!!
4. Wow.
by 1992peter March 27, 2010
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A company's name who makes oximeters, ventilators, and lots of other types of medical equipment.

Nellcor has been around for many many years, and in 1983 built the first oximeter in its name, the NELLCOR N-100, and has gone A VERY VERY LOOOOOOOOOOONG WAY SENCE THEN!
1. I have a NELLCOR N-600 Pulse oximeter which is awsome, so now I can monitor my Spo2 a lot more easier and don't have to go to the hospital to get it measured, so that's nice.
2. Wow. That's Interesting.
by 1992peter March 27, 2010
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Cough Assist. A device used for people who hafe an ineffective cough from a disease such as SMA, MD, DMD, Tay-Sachs, Sandhoff, or some other neuromuscular disorder like that.
1. I have a CA machine, and its almost time to use it.
2. Will you use the suction machine when you use it?
3. No. I'm trying to use that only when I need it now.
4. I can cough a lot better, but just need a bit of help, and sometimes if I'm having trouble with my lungs, I suction while I'm using the cough assist, but I'm doing it A LOT less than I use to need to.
6. I know.
7. I hated having to stick that tube down into my throat all the time.
8. I hated watching you do it. I felt bad for you.
9. awwwwww, Thank you
by 1992peter February 14, 2010
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Arterial Blood Gas. Blood taken from an artery to measure the gasses such as CO2, Pao2, HCO3, and PH.
1. I have to have an ABG.
4. They are 100 times worse than getting your blood drawn!!
5. Wish me luck.
6 Good luck.
by 1992peter February 15, 2010
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