Derived from the word "mundane", a mun is the author writing for a character in an online RPG. Can also be used as a suffix to denote a reference to a character's player rather than the character. Synonymous with certain connotations of roleplayer, author, player.
"That mun may be an idiot, but I can't fault his playing style."

"Do you think Wren-mun's coming tonight? I want to finish this RP with her."
by Riku December 24, 2003
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the man or woman behind a character in role-playing.
If the person in role-playing online, and their screenname is Ayisha369, then, when speaking out of character, she would be referred to as Ayisha-mun.
by Ninkubator November 29, 2005
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Welsh equivalent of 'man', as used for emphasis.
'Aawww, come on, mun, I only want to borrow your car to go mewling.'
by The Moai April 19, 2005
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A ponytail was not enough for Steve's luscious locks so he decided to put his hair into a mun.
by KShanley January 24, 2009
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a mun is the main admin behind a role-playing account on social media. there can be multiple admins to one rp (roleplay) account but the mun is the *main* admin.
if a person is role-playing kageyama from haikyuu, you would call the main admin of the account “kagemun” or “kageyama-mun”
by k3r0pp1c0r3 January 19, 2021
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1*Derived from the word "money" or meaning great or excellent or cool. Can be used in place of something that is cool.
2*Also used in reference to ganja or the use of it.
"Dang ganch that c0rk 900 was mun."
"Hey do you think i could bum a mun(cig)?"
"Eh, wanna roll some mun?"
by Eric Ellestad May 12, 2006
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