Roleplayer is a person, who takes a role on a certain type of character. They write paragraphs to other roleplayer by saying things like "Lana was walking down the road..." These roleplayers are mostly found in myspace.
Dang Devon!! My profile just got deleted, because Tom thought that I was a poser impersonating a celebrity but I'm a roleplayer!!! *cries*
by Dante Louis October 16, 2007
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A roleplayer is anyone who chooses to take a false identity online, but more often than not you'll find the term "roleplayer" applied to D&D or writing roleplay. A roleplayer is anyone who takes a character, be it Canon (like Sans from Undertale) or an OC (Original creation), and uses that character in a story-esque setting.
Alex: Hey, you're a roleplayer now right?

Keith: Yup. I joined my first roleplay server on Discord not too long ago, I just gotta finish making my OC and I'll be set.
by Obnoxious4919 July 13, 2022
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The same thing as a fake, a person who steals pictures, and claims to be a "roleplayer" But is STILL a fake because they're still pretending to be someone else.
The girls who get faked, by fakes, or "roleplayers" or consist mainly of girls like of Brookelle Bones, Leda Monster Bunny, Izzi Murder, etc, ect.
by The fake buster November 17, 2010
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A diverse cast of 7 to 17 year olds often with a strange obsession with winning over a game of pretend.
That guy is a Roblox roleplayer, stay away from him.
by poop men August 31, 2020
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An Obama Roleplayer is an person who mostly plays drones in video games and never shots someone with his own gun.
Ah man fuck that obama roleplayer.
by Philipplays April 21, 2021
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7-12 year old children who enjoy having fake sex talk with their roblox boy and girlfriend on games like "meep city", "city of robloxia", "wolves life" and "dragons life". Deserves to be murdered and gets angry and calls you noob if you call them out on it.
That kid is a total roblox roleplayer, they should be hung.
by Mommyhole November 13, 2018
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they pretend ot be partygoer from the backrooms thtey spaam =) and want eveyrone inn their dujmb as shit party room where theyw ill be converted into partygoer aand they uh pretedn to.. yeah its cringe and dumb dont be aa partygoer roleplayer
"Bruh, a partygoer roleplayer" - timothy
"Hi =)" - partygoer roleplayer
"SHUT THE FUCK UP" - timothy
by NamlinGuy September 2, 2022
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