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Welsh valleys slang. To drive around in a car (usually a clapped-out Escort/Nova covered in cheap spoilers and Max Power stickers) with your mates, wearing baseball hats, listening to an incredibly loud stereo, in an attempt to impress and then impregnate the local 14 year olds.
'Jon's gone mewling in his Nova. I saw him doing doughnuts in the Iceland carpark. The local chavettes seemed very impressed.'
by The Moai April 19, 2005
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Welsh valleys slang, believed to either have originated from, or given rise to, the 'can of lager/alcopop for £1 until 7pm' promotion that Merthyr's former premier nitespot The Zone used to run. Now means much the same as sound and safe in the complimentary 'cool' sense, expressing one's admiration for another individual/thing.
'That guy's sound as a pound, mun'
by The Moai April 19, 2005
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Welsh equivalent of 'man', as used for emphasis.
'Aawww, come on, mun, I only want to borrow your car to go mewling.'
by The Moai April 19, 2005
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Female chavs. The 14 year olds who will shortly get knocked up and spawn the next generation of antisocial Burberry-clad parasites.
'I hate that shopping centre. It's full of chavettes'
by The Moai April 19, 2005
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Adjective. Polite way of describing a 'Rubenesque' young lady; someone who's been at the Ginsters.
'Nice girl, and quite good-looking, if you like 'em roomy.'
by The Moai April 18, 2005
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Welsh slang. Used to describe a place, usually a pub, where threats and violence are common. Contraction of the now-obsolete 'rough as ten bears.'
'I'm not going in there, it's rough as ten'
by The Moai April 19, 2005
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