An adjective modifier for the noun "jumbo".
All I got from the car dealer was some mumbo jumbo about the warranty...sounded like BS to me.
by megnao flimpis August 1, 2003
A trunk-like object that comes out of a human's neck, similar to an elephant's trunk, except EXTREMELY long. Extremely painful to grow back once detatched. Also used at power plants to generate electricity.
Guy: "YOU JUST STEPPED ON MY MUMBO AND IT FELL OFF! OWWW!" *grows back instantly, a very painful experience*
Girl: "I'm sorry! But you should probably buy a mumbo bag."
Guy: "A mumbo bag?! What is that?"
Girl: "You wrap up your mumbo and put it in your bag! See, I have one. I got my mumbo bag right after my first detatchment."
Guy: "Sweet! Well, I need to go take my detatched mumbo to the power plant."
Girl: "Ok! Well, good to see that your mumbo grew back nicely. Bye!"
by Christinauh May 12, 2011
I listened to Bubba mumbo 'bout traffic jams, gettin' pulled over for speeding and hitting a deer but dammit the pizza weren't only cold...he ate everthang but the crust.
by harry flashman July 30, 2003
There were two guys going on a safari in the jungle. They are suddenly surrounded by natives.
Native: You trespass land.
The trespassers are taken to the chief.
Chief:You trespass on land, now u must make choice, Death or Mumbo.
Trepassers: WTF is Mumbo?
Chief: Mumbo is when all men in village have sex with you.
Trepasser 1: I guess Mumbo is better than death, I pick Mumbo.
The ritual takes 3 days. Trespasser 2 sees Trespasser 1 dying on the floor.
Trespasser 2: I don't want that, I pick death.
The Chief looks around smiling happily.
Chief: Death by Mumbo!!!!
Este pinche bovi no tiene change pa ten so we gave him Mumbo.
by Avilanche February 6, 2005
A person who has contracted AIDS through having sexual intercourse with a feminine male.
Portu: God I just fucked Gali and my AIDS test is positive
Bosnia: You're such a mumbo
by Bosniaman January 9, 2021
1. Nonsense; Gibberish; Makes no sense

2. A lie

3. A British youtuber that does mostly minecraft videos
You don't really believe all that mumbo jumbo, do you?

I can't believe all these people just talking mumbo jumbo.

Hey look, Mumbo Jumbo just uploaded another video!
by Ben2403 October 23, 2015
Mumbo Jumbo is a legendary minecraft youtuber, he is known for his experience in minecraft Redstone.He has built legendary things.
The sentence Mumbo Jumbo is a name
by §Lord§ July 27, 2018