When you have nothing to do and life is shit so you speak it by saying balakshskal blah blah glah heheaaahhhh
Friend: “hey are you ok? You seem annoyed.”
You: “blah glaahhgggg eeeekkk ahaha yuaaapp ka ka ka”

Friend: “hey, I understand”
by Farina Nawaz June 22, 2018
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When you can't find anything too say so you just say random things.
Teacher-So what's your answer


Teacher-That was just gibberish
by UrbanLols June 2, 2017
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Gibberish; a made up or foreign language often used to tell someone that they are talking nonsense or they are unclear in the pronunciation of words.
"your speaking gibberish!"
"I've just written a bunch of gibberish down for now"
"I couldn't understand him, it sounded as if he was speaking gibberish..."
by hollyypellyy March 7, 2016
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1.Total nonsense talk, unintelligible or foreign language. 2.Communication using various noises, illegitimate words, nonsense or sounds. 3. Sentence, phrase or general communication not making sense, sometimes induced by several days of smoking crack or other substance.
1.Crack-heads all speak gibberish. 2.John Howard talks gibberish. 3.Drug loving hippies bopping down in a stone bearded trippywobble.
by John Barry November 21, 2004
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A language game that people learn with their friends in the intent to talk about people in front of them or tell secrets. Contrary to what most people think, people can carry on conversations in gibberish and they DO understand what the other person is saying. Gibberish can be very annoying to people who can't speak it.
Gibberish: Huhthgi muhthgi nuhthgame uhthgis muhthgar-ruhthgy
English: Hi my name is Mary
by Rosegirl June 21, 2012
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Gibberish İs Weird Language And Gibberish The language is Oishi Ramish Dunklian Equal To Their Language. So A Strange Language Is Meaningless, Irrelevant Here.
English: What are you doing?
Gibberish: blablualbalalal?
by AwesomeGamer67829 September 22, 2020
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1. Unintelligible small talk that inexplicably attracts members of the opposite sex.
2. A word or phrase, spoken or written by Ian. Spelled wrong if written.
1. Magatistical
2. I couldn't understand that email because it was all gibberish.
by LiquorTreater October 27, 2008
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