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1.Total nonsense talk, unintelligible or foreign language. 2.Communication using various noises, illegitimate words, nonsense or sounds. 3. Sentence, phrase or general communication not making sense, sometimes induced by several days of smoking crack or other substance.
1.Crack-heads all speak gibberish. 2.John Howard talks gibberish. 3.Drug loving hippies bopping down in a stone bearded trippywobble.
by John Barry November 20, 2004
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A language game that people learn with their friends in the intent to talk about people in front of them or tell secrets. Contrary to what most people think, people can carry on conversations in gibberish and they DO understand what the other person is saying. Gibberish can be very annoying to people who can't speak it.
Gibberish: Huhthgi muhthgi nuhthgame uhthgis muhthgar-ruhthgy
English: Hi my name is Mary
by Rosegirl June 21, 2012
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n. a nonsense language based on english that an infamous serial killer in the 1960s invented to help torture his victims
Idagi lidagike tidagoo spidageak gidagibidageridagish- I like to speak gibberish
by Ian Worthley August 10, 2006
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rhyming it with d's and g's after each syllable
hi-da-guy how-da-gow ar-da-gare you-da-goo?? == Hi how are you
gi-da-gib-ber-da-ger-i-da-gish ==gibberish
sa-da-ga ra-da-ga= sara
by sa da ga ra da ga June 02, 2005
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the definition for gibberish is when two or more persons engage in a conversation which makes absolutely no fucking sense
dj Phanta-C: I was rowing my boat down the street when I ran into a penguin who was riding a dirt bike in circles cause he dropped his pocket
michelle: yes i also seen the penguin in miami at disneyworld where he took me to breakfast that night and we flew around iowa in a garbage truck eating scarecrows for dinner
by pookie September 20, 2003
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The native language of Contains words that make no sense.
Jibbby pip foouw jibbblenet ututututut.
(Translation: Good god, what language art thou speaking?)
by Zach G. November 24, 2004
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When rappers make up words to ensure that their lyrics rhyme.
Jackie Mac says whats up playa?
Badtomsmullet said 'yeah i be muvaya'

see, 'muvaya' is not actually a word.
by badtomsmullet May 04, 2005
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