1. Nonsense; Gibberish; Makes no sense

2. A lie

3. A British youtuber that does mostly minecraft videos
You don't really believe all that mumbo jumbo, do you?

I can't believe all these people just talking mumbo jumbo.

Hey look, Mumbo Jumbo just uploaded another video!
by Ben2403 October 23, 2015
Mumbo Jumbo is a legendary minecraft youtuber, he is known for his experience in minecraft Redstone.He has built legendary things.
The sentence Mumbo Jumbo is a name
by §Lord§ July 27, 2018
-A fake fact that might sound impressive

-A fact that sounds good but has no heft behind it
"You don't believe in this mumbo jumbo do you?"
- The Saint (1997)
by Girish July 22, 2003
Mumbo Jumbo is a famous Minecraft YouTuber who boasts 2.3 million subscribers and plays with others on a server called Hermitcraft.
I watched a Mumbo Jumbo video.
by ClaireBlanc July 25, 2018
A minecraft youtuber who makes redstone and hermitcraft videos
Subscibe to Mumbo Jumbo
by Thezombielord47 August 17, 2018
a person who always forgets his shulker boxes and builds cool bases
If you forget your shulker box in minecraft you say "I did a Mumbo Jumbo"
by BuggedBeatle998 October 27, 2019
The most amazing British Minecraft YouTuber ever. He primarily makes redstone videos and plays on the HermitCraft server.
Subscribe to Mumbo Jumbo
by GGamer65 February 5, 2020