comes from "merc" (pronounced "murk") short for mercenary.

To be killed, murdered, or otherwise mercilessly and overwhelmingly defeated or put down. (well executed and without struggle, the way a pro mercenary would do it.)

Became popular in early 2000's. Also spelled "merc", "merk", and "merked."
"He murked that quarterback! No mercy. He ain't getting up from that one."

"Did you see that fight? He murked that boy with one hit!"

"Don't even think of challenging him, man. He'll murk you before you can even reload. You got no chance."
by sunadajae January 23, 2014
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I got murked by that dude in the race. His car is like 100mph faster than mine.
by Logik June 21, 2004
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To murk = to kill
To get murked = to be killed
Damn Leon got murked!
Im gon' murk that nigga Leon!
by Stealonu April 29, 2003
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gangsta 1- hey shawty u hear bout that nigga Tarome

gangsta 2- hell yea my folk murked his ass last night
by Lil Tripp February 2, 2008
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to be murdered
He got murked
by AC August 22, 2003
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murked or merked (which is a toronto slang word) is an insult used against anyone who you dislike. It means they are either ugly retarded stoopid or all of the above.
Me: (playing ball with some friends)
Some Random Bucktee: "Fuck you all!"
Me and my friends: "You so murked fam!" (wihle we are beating the shit out of him and stealing his money)
by Toronto Slang Man September 4, 2019
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To put to shame or to lower in standards.
I fucking murked that dude and his whole clan when I took 'em all out.
by kevin gilmore April 22, 2005
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