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Elaine is perfect. She likes to hang out with friends and play sports. She is intelligent, loyal and pretty. She has a great sense of humor and is semi popular.
Elaine is so perfect dude.
by Cheeseandcupcakes March 14, 2014
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A beautiful sweet lady. Kind and loving to all she meets but able to hold her own if needed. Morally inclined but not judgmental. Helps others at their lowest point and very giving in many ways. Able to deal with pain and suffering better than others.
Elaine has taken in every stray in the neighborhood.
by Bella4Pamela November 23, 2014
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Elaine is a name filled with mystery. Usually a dark haired person. She really is one to keep through-out life as she will reward you with loyalty and love. Elaine is known to speak her mind and hold strong oppinions.
Elaine can be stubborn, but i wouldn't have her any other way
by leony February 19, 2010
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the best mom/grandma there is...she ALWAYS makes others happy. and never rests until everything is done. very clean and organized.
elaine is the sexist bitch i know.... she always pleases others and doesn't rest untill all is finished. that's so elaine i love this women so much and have no idea what i would do without elaine in my life. this douche bag man of hers better recognize what he's got before it's too late, elaine rocks
by Mrs. Zetina February 22, 2010
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The most beautiful girl to have ever walked the earth,
She is so sexay and very understanding,
Simply the best person in the world,
I love her so much
Person 1: Whoa, look at Elaine. She's so beautiful!
Person 2: Tell me about it, she is the best person in the world.
by SexayTime June 27, 2009
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