A monad is a monoid in the category of endofunctors
A list is an example of a monad
by coding-kitten September 13, 2020
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A mohawk shaven into one's pubic hair.
I was walking around the YMCA locker room and this guy was totally rockin' the monad.
by Poe Nads January 23, 2009
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The singular forum of the word gonads. To have only one testicle.
Hey ever since that infection, my monad has been swollen and sore.
by BURNiN4TOR August 5, 2005
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it's a gay sex position engaged in between college professors and computer science students
everyone who has a masters in computer science has performed it
A: Hey B, apparently the prof is gonna have a lesson on monad with us. Do you know what that is?
B:Sorry A, i got no clue. We will just have to wait till next Monday.
by TheComfyToilet October 22, 2020
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n. A floofy liar that frequently tells horribly unfunny jokes and unwitty comments, resulting in the collective annoyance of those around it.
"Geez, what a monad."
"Man, that guy sure is a monad."
"Jay, you are a monad."
by reacher November 11, 2004
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Contraction of the words "Moron" and "Gonad". Used to refer to a software project that is fat, slow, and ultimately incomprehensible to the consumer.
Microsoft's new command-line shell is a monad.
by David Tobey June 25, 2003
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The belief that everything is in fact one thing and that all apparent separations or differences are either illusionary or irrelevant.
Pythagoras's concept of a divine singularity and or unity.
A) Hey Bro I hit my head and got permanent brain damage so now I believe everything is a single Monad .
B) "All is one" is the stupidest idea to come out of Full Metal Alchemist.
A) Well, as I have mentioned, I am now severely mentally disabled, so give me a break here.
B) At least you don't think that "everything and everyone is god" somehow.
A) HAHAHA... actually, I kind of do...
B) Wow you really have lost a lot of brain function!
by Lord_nether October 31, 2021
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