Actually Pronounced "Swole" Meaning musclular
That MoFucka was swole.
by SKYMAN June 21, 2003
Have a swollen day!
Chyea that party was swollen!
by Chrishele March 6, 2006
andrew got stolen, now him and his face are both swollen! ohhhhhhh
by Stevie B Son December 22, 2005
When a sack of weed is packed tight, you say it's swollen.
Hook it up wit a dime. And make it swollen, nigga.

That shit's swollen, foo, I can't even get the nug out the sack.
by Metal_Sac July 1, 2004
extra tight pants mostly worn by emo kids or homosexuals. called swollens because of the swolleness that appears of the skinny legs.
by supashep June 21, 2010
What happens to a girl when she eats too much and wears clothing too small.
Dude did u see that bitch in that car... she looked fucking swollen.
by Rexall October 26, 2003