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The vector of linear time in contraposition to the vector of cyclical time.

The momentum of effective or linear time.
The vector of effective time is alt-left.
by tomorrowtomorrow July 15, 2018
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Solipsistic collapse of a medium such as television by reality television, radio by streaming, or the Internet by memes.

Successor to postmodern deconstructionism, modern absurdism (noir), and romantic gothicism.
Annihilism signifies the return of Kantian ethos to transcendence over Marxist materialism.
by tomorrowtomorrow August 23, 2018
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A phenology of an continuously infinite number of self-Gods. Specifically infinity^infinity x infinity^infinity x infinity^infinity... Gods in which each infinity^infinity represents a self-God.
Thomas Davidson initially defined apeirotheism to mean "God-selves." This was re-defined in 2018 by Kashif Vikaas to mean 'self-God'.

It is the illusory-chimeral (symbol-sense) synthesis to the monotheistic (intersubjective) God.

Apeirotheism is a recursion of panentheism.

by tomorrowtomorrow December 13, 2018
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The contrapositive relationship between aesthetic elements (lines) and aesthetic attributes (colors, space) in which human beings are pawns.

Schematized in Goethe's Theory of Colors.
Goethe conjectured that colors and spaces (implicit lines) are contraposed to EXplicit lines in linear time and this contraposition is only manifested to human beings as cultural conflict.

Thus human beings are not agentic actors in this conflict but are FUNCTIONS in the apocalypse.
by tomorrowtomorrow December 24, 2018
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Alt-right approach that co-opts pop culture characters such as Pepe the frog and Japanese anime for political messaging purposes.
The alt-right's use of japanese waifus and Pokemon Go to inculcate their young followers with Nazi ideology is an example of emo fascism.
by tomorrowtomorrow September 21, 2016
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A true subject-object fallacy.

A structure of verification.

A metastructure in which even when one is wrong one is right.
Kant created a structure of truth (epistemology) out of aesthetic itself. This had wide-ranging ramifications for aesthetic, will, and ethics. This occurred even though Kant used the term "aesthetic" to refer to form which was technically incorrect (aesthetic is contrapositive to form).

Marx also created an epistemology but his epistemology cannot answer Kant's epistemology because Marx created a structure of truth from form (formalism).
by tomorrowtomorrow November 13, 2018
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Term nazi hipsters (nipsters) and alt-right workers movements use to describe their movement. Combination of traditionalism and radicalism.
Matthew John-Heimbach is a tradical under observance by the Anti-Defamation League
by tomorrowtomorrow February 9, 2017
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