Beating the shit out of your old lady after getting drunk and watching your favorite hockey team lose.
Q: What happened to you?

A: The Canucks lost their playoff game last night and my boyfriend went molson on my ass.
by Valerie812 April 28, 2010
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Just another shitty macrobrew. The only slightly redeeming thing about molson is Rickard's Red. For all of you who regularly drink Molson, Labatts, Kokanee, etc.... drop dead. Support your local microbrew and taste some real beer.
"Man, this Molson is nothin' but indian piss. Maybe I should stop being a cheap bastard and buy something that deserves to be called beer."
by fxnrapa December 14, 2005
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The act of drinking $3 Molsons at the Boston Beer Garden
"Lets go get Molsoned"
by dirkdiggles February 26, 2013
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the finest beer known to man.
The Bud Light i had was so bad i had to wash it down with 3 Molsons.
by George February 6, 2005
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Term that describes white, beer-drinking Canadians who sit in the garage and drink Lakeport and Molson all day long. Usually have cirrhosis of the liver.

Molsons are uncultured and usually speak a single language (called American). Usually have GM/Ford/Chrysler vehicles (Dodge Caravan is a popular one).

Synonym with mangia cake.
Hey Vladimir! Look at that Molson crouching behind the tree stashing his Lakeport! In Soviet Russia, Lakeport stashes you!
by molsonlover January 18, 2010
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Canadian brewer that has cornered the market in beers that taste like frozen paint thinner. MUST be consumed at close to temperatures where nitrogen becomes a solid in order to avoid the natural taste. Which is the liquid equivalent to what microwaved shit must taste like.

Can also be effective in destroying earwig nest infestations and cleaning ear wax from dogs, cats, sheep, etc.
You'd think after 500 years, these folks at Molson would've figured it out by now.
by fuckles_the_clown December 10, 2006
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A Canadian term meaning "Beer Belly"
Molson, of course, is a brand of beer commonly drank and celebrated in Canada.
Rob: Yo, did you see that guy at the bar? He was fat!
Bob: Nah, dude, that ain't fat. That's a Molson Muscle!
by molsonman September 20, 2007
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