The only disease where you die happy.
Seriously dude. You've got Cirrhosis you should be drinking Light Beer.
by PotSton April 26, 2015
n. heartbreak, a breakdown in romantic affection, emotional scars from being dumped repeatedly
She went from punch-drunk to a bad case of cirrhosis of the lover.

Cirrhosis of the lover is responsible for most divorces these days.
by Jerry.g.g December 16, 2016
A diseased liver. A liver with cirrhosis. Liver with a disease caused by alcohol.
by Thegangl November 22, 2012
A liver disease where there is scarring in the liver caused by long-term liver damage. It is most commonly caused by heavy drinking as alcohol is notorious for causing liver problems.
Limit your alcohol intake because you do not want lover cirrhosis as it can potentially be fatal if one continues to drink with this condition.
by Rotten Turkey May 14, 2022