The youngest means acting as an instigator, troublemaker, someone who does not want to stop when asked politely. For my example, when someone is being a little shit, someone else might say, " Omg, stop being the youngest."
When someone is being a little shit, someone else might say, " Omg, stop being the youngest."
by trubrock April 26, 2023
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The last born child. This child usually gets a bad rep because of stereotypical TV shows and movies. In reality, youngest children are smart, laid back, and humorous. Despite popular belief, the youngest child usually gets the short end of the stick, as the parents think all their parenting is done by the time their youngest is 13, while the oldest and middle got attention all the way up until they were old enough to move out. They also get a lot of mistreatment and disrespect from their siblings, because they are smaller and the older children were spoiled with attention and are upset someone is taking more of it.

Despite this youngest children are still in a good position as they can learn from their sibling's mistakes and faults and pave their own way in life.
Oldest child is born: Parents freak out and smother the baby with attention, love, all their affection and all the breast milk they could want.

Middle child is born: Parents are more relaxed and still give this baby attention, Okay, you got a diaper rash, no big deal.

Youngest child is born: Parents are a little too relaxed. Okay, we've played this game twice before, here's your bottle and a rattle, we'll be back by 10:00.
by Alien Ghost June 26, 2010
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Can be funny and generous but also greedy and ungrateful. The youngest child waivers between these two personality sides. Is usually the favorite and most loved child.
Youngest child: how come you get to play mortal combat.
Oldest child: I'm 14
Youngest child: *cries*
by Ghdjdhuehdijdbf November 21, 2020
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Usually the one who is bullied by the elder siblings, a youngest sibling is a person that is younger than the other siblings is a person who is talked about the most by the siblings if your the youngest sibling trust me the older siblings have been talking about you. I know how you feel you just wanna be like your older brother/sister but they put you down at every chance they get.
by Sycamandown November 23, 2021
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the youngest child is the brat of the family the one who gets all the attention from there parents and gets whatever they want.
Middle child and oldest child: " Mom can I get a cookie",
youngest child: "Mom can I get the new iphone",
Mom:"Yes you can get whatever you want".
by April 7, 2021
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When you know that you that nigga, and the youngest one to do it yet
- When you doing something hard and realize you the youngest one there.
"Im the youngest nigga to do it thats fosho"
by June 18, 2021
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