The most beautiful, amazing, intelligent, smart, funny and OG person you will ever meet. Everything with her is done to perfection and this will become a name that everyone will know someday. She is an absolute BABE and literally everyone is in love with her. She's kind and interesting and doesn't take any bs and when she walks into a room everyone turns and looks and if you walk into a room, she'll be the first person you notice. She has a problem with her crushes, she has many on and off but there's always one that she is practically in love with and it kills her because she and the people around her don't understand why cause she's too good for him.
What an absolute Lara
by biubwiuhipUHDINiungU345 November 10, 2018
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Lara is an exceptionally funny, loud and outgoing person. She is really crazy around her real friends and is almost too good at hiding her real feelings, she will often pretend to be okay when she isn’t. However, Lara’s aren’t always as they seem. They have a lot of anxieties and don’t really like going outside too much and are really insecure. A Lara is a true friend and it will probably take her time to settle in to a friendship group. Lara’s are usually very sporty and have an intelligence like no other. If you have a Lara, keep her because she might seem egotistical at times but deep down, she thinks more than she says. They are brilliant at advice and will never let you down!
by Jamie Suthers May 4, 2019
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Lara is one of the most BEAUTIFUL girls you will ever meet! She's the most amazing girlfriend, a guy couldn't ask for, and the sexiest girlfriend ever! She is friendly, classy, gentle, elegant, silly, smart, crazy, funny, a boy magnet, and really hot stuff. She's the best!she has a great body + a great booty. She is a girl who is awesome in every way, can be shy one minute and crazy the next, but is always a fun person to be around. You will never regret ever meeting a Lara. Best Traits: incredible kisser, can always cheer people up, knows the right moment when a friend is in need.
by Larastylesx May 13, 2015
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Lara is usually either a shy or extremely outgoing girl. When her sassy side is brought out, you all better run. Is very kind to everyone that she loves, but is a menace to those few people that she hates. She always tries her best, and doesn't care what others think of her. Lara loves to be weird around her true friends, and is always there to help them. She usually is extremely well blessed in the chest and butt area, but always tries to hide it.
Damn, look at Lara! I would kill to have that body!
Oh my, thank you so much Kara! You're really kind!
by wolfmadfreedom June 26, 2015
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Lara is the most amazing person in the world and will always be there for you and is the best girlfriend ever
Lara is amazing
by Happyface13 November 11, 2017
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Lara is an amazing person! It's always good to compliment a Lara! she sees the greater side in people all the time, and will take a bullet for her close ones. A Lara is always beautiful, and although to start with, may not find a partner, are sure to gain one in the end!
Lara is a wonderful person! I wish I was like her! she's so smart!
by Batglu-Phoenix March 20, 2018
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Lara’s are normally outgoing, weird, and smart. Lara’s don’t talk behind other people’s backs and love making new friends. Lara’s are usually brunettes, with shoulder length hair that’s wavy or curly. Lara’s normally enjoy playing string instruments such as violin or cello. Lara’s also love animals! They may have one or two pets. Lara’s are good friends to have around, and they don’t really care about trendy items.
Person 1: “Hey I never finished my Social Studies homework. Maybe Lara can help me.”
Person 2: “Yes you should. She always gets A’s in all her classes. Everybody copies her.”
Person 1: “I know. Oh look there she is! I should go ask her!”
by Snowy_Bunny March 30, 2019
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